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Thoughts from a Scot with a big “Undecided” post-it note on her head #2: Olympics – a golden opportunity to test my Scottishness

Alex Salmond must think this is a nightmare.

I know that Elizabeth Queen of Scots is Queen of Scots and this is irrelevant in the Independence debate – but she does tend to get the Union Jacks out.

And just a few weeks after a flotilla of Jubille events, we are in a frenzied flutter of Union Jacks once again as she parachutes out of a helicopter and Team GB vaults up the medal table at the Olympics, with the home crowd roaring our athletes on to victory.

The British athletes are a great mix with every kind of regional accent represented – and a good few Scots amongst them.

Andy wins

Andy wins (Photo credit: Carine06)

With thousands and thousands chanting “Team GB” – I wonder if people’s sense of nationality may change.

Whenever I am asked to tick a nationality box,  I always tick “Scottish”. I don’t really feel British. I am too… Scottish.

But in an Olympic context – yes, I am interested in the British competitors: Beth Tweddle (Yay!), Christine Ohurugu (Yay!), Jessica Ennis (Yay! *jealousy of abs*).  And the Scots in particular: Andy Murray (Yay!), Michael Jamieson (Yay!), Katherine Grainger (Yay!)…  (although, come to think of it, I am interested in lots of other athletes/countries as well, so, maybe these are just the ones I’ve heard of… maybe my national identity is irrelevant… but that’s for another post…)

Would Scotland be better off going it alone in the Olympics? Some recent stats say:

The majority of Team GB’s medals are from English athletes, with 13% from Scotland, 2% from Wales and 4% from Northern Ireland. Another 9% are from overseas originally, although all Team GB athletes are British. Nearly a third of English medal winners are from the North, Yorkshire in particular.

So, better alone? Eh, naw. I don’t think so. Not that I am sure that the Olympics “matters”, really. But – if it does, then we are better in with the rest of the UK, I think.

Unless we just stretch our border down to include Yorkshire…


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3 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Scot with a big “Undecided” post-it note on her head #2: Olympics – a golden opportunity to test my Scottishness

  1. Thinking outside the border – I like it 😉

    I always tick British and make a conscious effort in my writing to describe myself as ‘British’ rather than ”English’ – but I slip up occasionally, so maybe I am a closet Englishwoman.

    I can’t help thinking that we would win the World Cup every four years (with a proper team of all ages) if we played as Team GB.

    Do I spy a Zemanta pic? 😀

  2. You make me feel so much better! I never could remember the difference between England and Great Britain. And then they taught us about the Bretons and how Brittany has two “t’s” as it should, unlike several of those other words, and I about fell out of my seat with the unfairness of it all. So when I learned England and Scotland and Ireland were really all one country, except many of the inhabitants think they are not, I just threw in the towel.
    I do like you, though, whatever you are! You, and the Tilly, too! 😉

  3. I understand, being dual nationality I tend to root for France because I love the underdog. Being an American I would root for my state. I just marvel at the state of absolute fitness shown by all the athletes.

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