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We say hello to the fishes :-)

We went to commune with some other species today. We went to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond. This is the view from the roof terrace:

20120731-104802 PM.jpg

But inside, it’s all a bit “other” looking through thick glass at these creatures we share the world with.

20120731-104539 PM.jpg

First up were the otters, looking as if they had stepped out of a children’s story book – that is until you see them eat two-day-old chicks and some beef. You don’t want to mess with an otter. *restrains self from otter/ oughta pun*

We brushed past a pair of depressed looking pike and off to the rockpools!

The aquarium staff were impressively animated telling children about crabs, anenomes and starfish and letting them stroke and hold them. I was quite worried for the spider crab, but it didn’t seem worried by the handling. It wasn’t flexing its pincers, so wasn’t alarmed, I don’t think.

20120731-104743 PM.jpg

Hard to imagine what they are thinking, although I don’t know how much each animal thinks. Especially the anenomes. (Their pool was beautiful – they were almost all in hues of pink. Very girly.)

Rays are odd looking creatures. One of them did a kind of bob to the surface thing, like it was coming up for a chat, and blow some water up. Random. Must be odd being that flat. Not if you are a ray, I suppose.

My favourite creature was a very impressive Giant Pacific Octopus. Very complicated and loose anatomy. Great suckers.

20120731-105034 PM.jpg

With my nose pressed against the glass I wonder about the rights and wrongs of keeping creatures in an aquarium. Research, education and conservation – balanced against monotony for mullet and the limits of a tank for an octopus that ‘should’ be in the Pacific ocean, pulsing its orange way through the depths.


*fails to decide whether to sing “All things bright and beautiful”, “What a wonderful world” or “Under the Sea”*


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8 thoughts on “We say hello to the fishes :-)

  1. I like Under The Sea, you must have been very courageous to take all of them.

  2. Your children heard “Octopus`s Garden” many times in my car.

  3. Rickster on said:

    I love otters. Much more than two day old chicks.

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