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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I’ve been away, up north, for a week. I had a rare old Scottish time- I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it in due course: haggis, thistles, picnics in the rain, sand in the sandwiches, limited 3G coverage, history, Asher’s pies, sun, sea, scrabble…

In other news my laptop has NOT COPED with the neglect and so I am posting here from my phone which is not the return to the blogosphere to which I was looking forward!

Anyway, here’s my purple pic (I was going to re-use the one of daughter#2 when she painted herself purple, but that would be cheating!)

20120728-102153 PM.jpg


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. That must have been a glorious week in your beautiful country. I love the picture. Technology can’t fight it or beat it.

  2. I know they are beautiful, and have grand medicinal value, but when your neighbors have pastureland, you must kill these guys before they bloom. Ah, well, makes for such a welcome sight in the photos. 🙂 Thanks for a glimpse at this beauty!

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