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(Preface: I love all accents. No criticism intended. Apologies if I seem derogatory; it is not my intention.)

A humid day, it has to be said.

And, in an American accent (to my ears at least) it has to be said as in my title: “humididee” whereas here, we have to pronounce the ‘t’.

I also enjoy referring to Continental Airlines in an American accent: “Ka Nennal”. Again, we are lumbered with two ‘t’s to pronounce in that one.

Although, there are a couple of words I just can’t say, without conscious effort, because of my accent. Firstly “world” is entertaining , with “girl” a close second. Most places seem to be able to get these words into a tidy and easy monosyllable, where I have to slice them in half, insert a rolled ‘r’ and have another go.

Anyway. Ho hum….


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10 thoughts on “Humid-id-ee

  1. The southern accent here in the States tends to extend words way beyond the monosylabillic. Personally I love all accents, it makes the English language much more interesting to listen to.

  2. Ah, but it’s not really an accent!
    It’s just that the “t” reminds us of tea, and then we must have some! Iced, of course, and far beyond sweet. ick! 😛

  3. I read once that, because accents change over the centuries, American is the closest we’ll get to Shakespeare’s accent.

  4. Repeat after me…..
    “in an ideal world a girl loves to birl to the skirl o` the pipes”

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