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Single Minded

Sanstorm sits at the laptop. She has ONE thing she actually needs to type. It would take her about two hours and would mean that she could sit back for the whole summer, watch the rain fall, eat the brie, clean up after the arts and crafts and various other mindless and easy tasks.

SANSTORM: (to self) Right. If I promise myself I won’t post anything on Wee Scoops, surely I’ll get it done. No facebook. No twitter. That ought to do it.

PROCRASTINATION: Ah but yeah but social networks and the blogosphere occupy different time zones to actual writing. It’s just like main courses and dessert. Just because you are full, when it comes to steak and chips,  it doesn’t mean you couldn’t pack away a stack of profiteroles, now does it?

SANSTORM: I see your point. It’s that ‘mid evening’ brain space. You can quite easily warble on about some vague whim or interesting nuance without engaging whatever cortex or other it is that takes to to with ACTUAL work.

PROCRASTINATION: Yes. You should give the cream of the crop – timewise – to real writing. You should write when you are fully conscious, far from the lure of CSI re-runs and a fridge full of snacks. You’d be better of writing it tomorrow.

SANSTORM: Oh come on now, you and I both know that tomorrow is promised to no man. Carpe Diem!

PROCRASTINATION: Well, if there is no tomorrow it won’t matter. And, if there’s no tomorrow for you, I’m sure someone else will do it. You’re not indispensable you know.

SANSTORM: Yes, but I went on the facebook and said I was going to finish tonight.

PROCRASTINATION: Well, you were wrong. You need to work on your self control. Making outlandish claims of future productivity. That’s that edge of arrogance I’m seeing again. You need to watch that.

SANSTORM: That edge of arrogance has taken me a couple of decades to nurture! And, technically, it’s not arrogance. It’s an awareness of my strengths and weaknesses arrived at through years of rigorous reflection.

PROCRASTINATION: Reflection? My favourite.

SANSTORM: Yes, reflection used to be procrastination, but now it is, like, the MAIN THING needed, for, like, anything.  None of this actual DOING anything. It’s more planning, thinking and then evaluating that is the way forward. Yes, that’s it. I’ll reflect on WHY I just can’t get started…. (wanders off into the distance, considering why she thinks she will leave this task until tomorrow, when, clearly, she has been able to type something …)

PROCRASTINATION: (evil laugh) And tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow…


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12 thoughts on “Single Minded

  1. theotheri on said:

    I have the terrible feeling I could have written this myself. With the addition of a couple of essential games of Spider.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    I have found the dragon slayer to your dragon of procrastination.

    It is……. Caffeine!

    A couple of shots of Espresso and you won’t procrastinate, you will just do…….

    Side effects? Inability to blink or focus for anything length of time….. If hands start to shake involuntarily you should stop immediately.

  3. That was a very good conversation that you had with procrastination. I know that dialogue well, I try to win as often as I can but there are days when I fold and forgive myself for it.

    • 🙂
      Thanks. I think you seem to keep very busy with all sorts of productive things. I can’t imagine you procrastinating. But maybe everyone does. Perhaps one person’s procrastination is another’s productivity and vice versa.

  4. He’s wasting his time on you, Dear.
    He’d have had me from the word “profiteroles”!

  5. Procrastination my old friend! I have long since admitted to myself that I need “The Fear” in order to perform. Which is a problem because I hate and loathe “The Fear”.

  6. Scotstig on said:

    Like any problem I guess procrastination is best solved by analysis. Why are you procrastinating?
    Is it the futility of the task?
    Is it the lack of energy to complete the task?
    Is the fear of the consequences too much?

    Once you know the reason you are procrastinating then it becomes easier to deal with. The human imagination has always been the best graphics chip every invented and does come up with the worst images. Reality is rarely as bad or worse.

    • It’s down to mental laziness I think. But I’ll get it done. I’ve agreed to write another thing now, so I’ll need to get finished with this one …

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