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Today in church the preacher said either “prodigiously ravenous” or “ravenously prodigious” at one point and it brought a smile to my face.

I am familiar with “ravenous” from reading too much Enid Blyton in my youth.

“Prodigious” – although I have heard it often enough – I did have to look up. As for the juxtaposition of these words, I wondered if it was usual – and I am pleased to say that when I googled it as a combination, I was  ONLY (as far as I looked) thrown back to the early(ish) days of English Lit and wound up with Daniel Defoe, in his work: “The Life, Adventures and Piracies of Captain Singleton”, page 106.

“But as we were refreshed with the neighbourhood of this lake of water so we were now gotten among a prodigious number of ravenous inhabitants, the like whereof, it is most certain, the eye of man never saw: for as I firmly believe, that never man, nor any body of men, passed this desert since the flood, so I believe there is not the like collection of fierce, ravenous and devouring creatures in the world; I mean not in any particular place.”

 Good to know that “prodigious” and “ravenous” have been reunited after all these years. I will henceforth use both “prodigiously ravenous” or “ravenously prodigious” whenever I can.

Looks an interesting book. Captain Singleton certainly had a lot to deal with!

 I am prodigiously ravenous. I think I will have some brie and crackers.


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2 thoughts on “An Echo of Defoe

  1. There those phrases that just seem right. There is never a poor occasion to have Brie and crackers.

  2. I feel eating half a roasted bison is the only way to satisfy the truly prodigiously ravenous….

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