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Can I have that career to go please?

Odd day.

My career is packed into three boxes and is outside in the boot of my car. I won’t be back at work until August 2013. So my career is shelved. Not even shelved. Just boxed.

I’d bring it in.

But tonight I’m thinking outside the box.



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9 thoughts on “Can I have that career to go please?

  1. theotheri on said:

    Tell us more! You aren’t going back to work for 14 months? Hope the reasons are all positive.

    • Yes all good thanks
      Finding work life balance tricky so taking a year out until the youngest is in school. Hope to read, write, think, blog, get fit….

      I guess we’ll see!

      • theotheri on said:

        Ah, the balancing act between wife, mother, and career. I don’t think even the most accomplished multi-tasker manages it very often. I think the fortunate ones realize that sometimes less is more, because more is just one big crunch of everything. Even now I sometimes find merely trying to balance writing, enjoying my husband, and moving between gardening and the laundry is a challenge. (Have you noticed that I can’t even blog and edit my book at the same time That’s editing, not even writing which I finished six weeks ago)

        Best wishes in your voyage.

  2. That was very clever, thinking outside the box. One piece of advice from someone who has done both, working outside of the home with little ones and not. Be kind to yourself. I found it to be harder staying at home than going to work.

    • That’s why I always worked as I found it easier to cope. But both work and home seem to have gone exponential and something had to give – and it wasn’t going to be home, so it had to be work.
      Well, it didn’t have to be work, but that’s what we decided.

  3. I don’t believe we can have it all, but then, I don’t believe we need it all. Enjoy your work break and make the most of it – but include some down time.

    • Yes – something has to give sometimes. I can’t do what I can’t do and sometimes multitasking goes too far. Especially when one has a blog habit to maintain 😉

  4. Heh heh — my first thought was you were pregnant! 😉

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