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Watching the Tennis

I tried to watch “Today at Wimbledon” today. It’s nice to get into a tournament once in a while. I have failed with the Euros so thought I would give Wimbledon a go. I banned myself from my iphone and settled down to watch.

After immediately realising I was cooried up in front of a smudged screen, I began to clean the TV screen and surround, removing children’s finger prints that were obscuring the action. I then realised that the screen was only half of the battle. I got my squeegee and some soapy water and cleaned the windows, whose equally prominent fingerprints were appearing as shadows on the screen.

Still unable to see the match,  I set about blocking out the sun that was making the match invisible.  I went to get a big bit of paper and some sellotape. They weren’t instantly findable, so I gave up and balanced a medium sized piece of paper behind a coke can that then fell down… but eventually I got the paper wedged behind enough things so I could see 70% of the screen.

Not sure what happened “Today at Wimbledon”, apart from Venus Williams is out and Britain’s hopes are salivating over Andy Murray.

Maybe I should just stick to the eating-the-strawberries part of Wimbledon and visualising myself becoming the next great British sporting hope.

…*imagines the home straight of the marathon at the Olympics 2016: “…and here comes “The Whippet”, never a leaner athlete ever came from Glasgow, and here she comes, oh, she is just a blur of muscle and speed…”*…


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2 thoughts on “Watching the Tennis

  1. I have been where you were, cleaning and rearranging only to miss what I had tried to watch. Wouldn’t that be exciting, being the next tennis star. The whippet of the Olympics! I used to daydream about being the next Nadia Comenchi.

    • I find the relationship between watching sport and becoming delusional about one’s own potential prowess very interesting.
      I think people who watch too much sport believe that they take that much exercise – even though they are sitting, watching the TV and eating nachos.

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