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Campaign for a ban on votes of thanks!

Tonight I was at the dance show of a different niece at a different dance show.

This niece was also fabulous and beautiful.

This dance show differed in that it had a vote of thanks.


Don’t you think that votes of thanks are NEVER a good idea?

The people being thanked would rather stay behind the curtains, I’m sure. That’s why they are… behind the curtains.

The audience would rather go home. They appreciate the night and the effort but would rather leave on a high than be suddenly deflated and slowly sapped by listening to a list that could have been printed on the programme.

When a friend and I had 65 people to thank after an event, we hand-wrote 65 thank-you notes.

I offer that as an alternative that annoys no one.


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6 thoughts on “Campaign for a ban on votes of thanks!

  1. I agree with you 100 percent, a handwritten note means so much more than applause. Applause is easy, a hand written note means that you took the time to show your appreciation for their time and effort. Only my opinion.

  2. A handwritten note is always appreciated.

  3. Applauding until your hands are sore for people you don’t really know is always a drag – better to write until your fingers cramp. I am far more fascinated by the fact that you have two dancing nieces – or are there more to come?

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