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Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing yeah yeah…

I am in a rare bubble of *appreciating dance and music*, having just been to niece’s dance show. It was a good night. Very colourful; good music; variety in mood and genre (or whatever genre is when applied to dance).

Son of Sanstorm came with me and he enjoyed it too.

If you’ve been following me long, you’ll know that I struggle with dance. Not just because of the related difficulties of footwear and underwear, oh no – it’s more deep seated than that. It’s an inability to be able to understand the WHY of dance. But this kind of dance – dance in a dance show-  has a purpose – or, in fact, many purposes. Maybe the purpose is different for every parent or participant  – but this show was clearly to entertain and was well constructed with that purpose.

Much as this was Niece’s night…

I went to that very same dance school when I was young. I did ballet, tap, modern and acrobatic dancing. I gave up because I couldn’t do a backwards walkover unless I was on a hill. I also couldn’t do the splits without fearing that my legs would lock that way or my hips would go into cramp.

Impressive though the move called “circular splits” might be, I am not sure it is much of a boon. It looks a bit… alarming? A bit “other”…

I remember that the teacher had this thing about not messing with your costume, no matter what happened – and I totally listened. When I was about four, my tiara-shaped head-dress fell down over my eyes and I left it there and soldiered on. A similar thing happened at tonight’s show, where someone lost a shoe, that sat there like the elephant in the room while people whizzed by it on either side, doing cartwheels and backbends. The show owner was a true professional and completed the dance in the style of “diddle diddle dumpling my son John” -and the shoe was retrieved safely after the curtain was down. All good. I fear if it had been retrieved mid-dance, it would have been pretty dangerous, given the flying limbs on all side. Well done that child. (Also, it added a thrilling sub-text for the audience).

The thing about the teacher was – and this is the teacher I had thirty years ago, and possibly then some – she looks EXACTLY THE SAME. So saying, we were at the back and she was only on stage for a wave at the end, but really – very impressive retention of youthfulness.

As I was going down memory lane, thinking of my performances as Rupert the Bear, a blue toothbrush, a green ballerina, a pink ballerina, a cat, a space…person (?), I began to visualise a great and glorious comeback. I ran this idea past Son of Sanstorm. He was suitably truthful about the likelihood of my success in the dancing arena…

My favourite dance of the night was a floaty white outfit dance to “Girl you’re amazing, just they way you are.” I even felt a bit moved! They all looked lovely.

Tonight there were great outfits – beautiful ballet outfits, funky jazz outfits – colour, style and backcombed ponytails at one point, even.

Flashbacks of american tan tights and kirby grips being rammed into my scalp.

Them were the days.

*shakes groove thing*


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9 thoughts on “Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing yeah yeah…

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I was in gymnastics when I was little for as long as the instructors could bear my inflexibility. At eight or nine, I still couldn’t do a split or touch my palms to the floor but whenever I saw gymnastics on t.v my inner gymnast wanted to break free. Thank goodness she was well tied up.

  2. What is the “why” of anything that people do? I think the why of dance is a connection with the music and thus the ultimate expression of the human joy (and need) of pattern formation and recognition. It’s also something which can benefit both the participant and the observer and it’s an egalitarian artform, bonus!

    I LOVE dancing, I go to adult Tap and Street Dancing (and Zumba but that’s more about fitness), I definately recommend having a look into some adult dance classes; you have to set aside your inhibitions but one of my favourite things about it is that it’s an hour where you can’t think about anything. If you are thinking as opposed to doing then you have a tendency to fall over. It’s good to disengage the higher brain functions from time to time.

    Might give you some novel fodder too.

    • Agree agree agree. I am experimenting with a heroine who LOVES all the things I am inexplicable averse to.
      I also plan to do stuff I dread just for the experience.

  3. Son of Sanstorm may be right – you clearly don’t have it…it’s a groove ‘thang’ 🙂

    • His was more an assertion that i am “much fatter” that a dancer should be. “thang” *wince* (like when Scottish people listen to too much worship tracks from the states and start singing about “Gad”. Whoever he may be.)

  4. Cathy Baker on said:

    Am not going tomorrow night as I can’t afford to, having spent Serena’s future inheritance on her costumes instead!

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