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The Return of the Wee Scoops

Son of Sanstorm has been having a Star Wars day. We are nearing the end of The Empire Strikes Back. I think the Jedi will be back before nightfall.  Before I am deluged with parenting advice  – have you seen the weather? Mid June and it is … well, it has been deluging. I now have the heating on. It is miserable and unseasonal – and despite the fact that I LOVE the weather in Scotland I am not enjoying it today. Here are some of today’s highlights:


So, Husband went to take Daughter#1 and Daughter#2 swimming; he got 100 yards and discovered we had a flat tyre. Like the Jedi, they returned and I had to call the AA. This is because I am the only one who is a member right at this second. That lives here, I mean.


As you know I HATE PHONES, so this is a trauma in itself. It is a classic situation I can’t deal with but managed:  thereby undermining my own rationale-cum-excuse for never making calls. After I got through the “press 1” series of things and spoke to an actual sentient woman – and she says “how can I help you?”

Like, duh, er, like,  how can I put it – “I” have broken down? And , er , um, GAUNAE DEAL WI’ IT? GAUNAE?


I was hoping to send Husband out to stand in the rain, waiting for and subsequently chatting with the AA man about the car, but the AA woman said it had to be me. I didn’t want to wait in the car incase you are not meant to sit in a car with a flat? I don’t know. Anyway, I have my beast of a Rohan jacket on, so my upper half was fine, but I was thoroughly lashed in the skinny jeans by the horizontal rain.

But the man came and fixed the car, so that was great. Yay for the AA.



So, because the girls had missed swimming, we all went swimming, inbetween the birth of Luke and Leia and whatever happens next.  Which was fine, until I was in the showers at the end. I had to be there for a while as I had little girls with long hair to deal with – but I timed it badly and ended up in with this odd bloke.

He was a swarthy, hirsute individual who seemed to be relishing the opportunity to have a shower more enthusiastically than anyone would in the privacy of a luxury hotel suite. Every, and I mean EVERY, part of his anatomy was given a VERY thorough once over, with a good going lather and scrub. All very vigorous with many extra squeezes of shower gel at regular intervals – wouldn’t want to miss a bit!  Luckily the most concerning bits of his anatomy stayed inside his shorts despite his obvious concern for their thorough cleanliness.  But a cleaner man I never did see.


So, it’s unlikely to be a day long remembered, but there is was.


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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Wee Scoops

  1. Scotstig on said:

    A flat tyre is the path to the Dark Side. The phone leads to anger, anger leads to the AA, The AA leads to an “odd shower”…….

  2. The man in the shower, an odd duck, I would have to say. The waiting in the rain and then going swimming, you definitely had a full day’s ration of water. I love Star Wars, always have since the first time I saw the Stars Wars in the theatre, 1976.

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