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Novelist Novel List

“Paperback, Paperback, Writer Writer

Du ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne…”

I plan to revisit the novel writing thing. I have some drama scripts I am NOT FORGETTING to do just now, but once they are in the can I am back to plotting a plot.

I want to write something as easy and page turning as Sophie Kinsella with the cool genius of Margaret Atwood.

There will be no sex or violence, but plenty of embarrassment and over-thinking of minutiae.

Are there any writers that major on embarrassment and minutiae? Or is that a bit niche?

Either way, it’s a “good thing” as I have someone to emulate or a niche to fill.



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6 thoughts on “Novelist Novel List

  1. You have the writing chops, talent, voice, you have what it takes, all you need is for your fingers to do the walking while your brain dictates.

  2. I’d forgo emulation in favour of being the first Wee Scoops rather than the next Sophie Kinsella/Margaret Atwood.

  3. I don’t exactly major in embarrassment and minutiae, but my current book deals a lot with them! Sophie Kinsella is a great author, and I would like to see more people like her around. =]

    • I think she us great at generating sympathy for her characters, despite the fact they are in predicaments which are a result of their own stupidity, generally.
      Thanks for the comment.

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