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And the reign certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits!…

I watched a lot of the flotilla today for the Queen’s Jubilee. I did sleep for a lot of it as well, but I woke up in time to see everyone getting drenched.

20120603-093253 PM.jpg

The event itself was great, but the BBC coverage was uncharacteristically high-cringe. Very repetitive commentary: “and the rain certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits”; “and the Queen is still standing. She has not sat down.”

Twitter was more entertaining with a more realistic view such as:

(@Michael Dennis)Every time I turn on to BBC1 Sophie Raworth talks about “amazing scenes” and we then cut to an oily fishing boat in the rain.”

So, the high points for me: Kate’s outfit – great choice in vibrant red. Beautiful. I also really liked the Gloriana flagship. It had nine banks of oars and looked the business. I want one. Especially if it came equipped with Olympic medal winners and ex-servicemen. But I haven’t got a river. Still, it’s my fortieth in 2013, so I’ll put it on my “maybe” list… And the choir giving it laldy in the pouring rain: “Rule Britannia!”

Low points – Sorry to say that the BBC were struggling for things to say. Also the reveling in rain. It would have been miserable. Why pretend?

Nice to see Anneka Rice again though. I’d have liked a slot on the art bridge – that was a great idea.

I think the Queen would have liked the flotilla . A good show – and mid afternoon which has got to be a plus. She can go home for a cup of tea and a peaceful evening before facing tomorrow.

But we could have used a Dimbleby for the commentary.

I was going to write a poem, but then I came across one by Carol Ann Duffy via twitter – so please click the link and enjoy a good poem about the Thames.


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9 thoughts on “And the reign certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits!…

  1. theotheri on said:

    My thoughts entirely. I’m going to try to ping this back to my blog. You can always refuse it if you’d rather not have the exposure, but I think my American readers would enjoy your point of view. Thank you assuming… etc.

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  3. Thank you for the humor! I love coming here because you so often think of the deliciously clever thing to say! 🙂

  4. I watched it too. Like the BBC, I was amazed that QEII and DOE stood the whole time – a lot of younger people couldn’t have managed it. Amazing.

    • I hear DOE is not so well today? Haven’t seen the news yet though. The person who designed and built those throne things on the barge will be dead annoyed they never sat there though. I would have.

  5. I admire the Queen, she certainly does and knows her duty. I saw pictures of Kate in her red ensemble and you are 100% right, red was the color to wear for that day. Perhaps for your fortieth someone can take you sailing somewhere or at least row you across a pond or a lake. Your little ones can gather flower petals and strewn them in the water as you glide by. That would be a fine procession to celebrate your birthday.

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