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Queen Question

Elizabeth the second is the queen. What I didn’t know is that she is not Elizabeth the second in Scotland. Which makes sense, as we never had an Elizabeth the first. England did though.

Apparently the queen is Elizabeth, Queen of Scots.

Fair enough, although I can’t help checking my neck is still intact.

I think 60 years ago some Scottish post boxes were mistakenly made with Elizabeth II on the front, but they have all since been changed.

Though… I might have made that up. Not sure.

20120530-105300 PM.jpg


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10 thoughts on “Queen Question

  1. I didn’t know that, though it makes perfect sense now you’ve said it.

    What was your question?

  2. I think that Mary Queen of Scots was Elizabeth the first half sister and contemporary so is that why Elizabeth of England wasn’t acknowledged as Queen of Scot’s because she got rid of their Mary? I learned something today, thank you.

  3. Mary QoS was EI’s cousin, not half-sister. Elizabeth had no heir so Mary’s son, James VI of Scotland became James I of England.

  4. Scotstig on said:

    Queen Question? What’s up with Brian May’s hair these days? Long permed hair with grey through it. Not a good look.

  5. Another great laugh from my favorite Scot! Okay, I have a two questions for you. Late, I know. 😐
    1. Have you seen the tattoo that looks like a dotted line, for across the back of the neck? For a few dollars (please don’t ask me to understand your monetary system–I do poorly enough with ours!) more you can also have a scissors added to it, in case anyone wonders.
    2. Is that really a mailbox in Scotland? That whole shot is so beautiful. You should take more, if you did that one. I know from watching Chariots of Fire, you are holding out, if you were the photographer, here. You could make me get inside an airplane with a few more like that! 😀

    • Hi there – well, first question- no I have not seen those tattoos – what a horrible idea! As for our money – when I was wee, we always though of a dollar as 50 pence as in half of a pound. There have been times where it has been almost one for one, but I think that usually dollars are about 0.6 of a pound. Although I KNOW NOTHING about money.
      On the photo front – yes I took that one – it is a post box in my village. I took the picture in December when I though I might use it as one of my little advent series. There are a lot of cute things in the village that would be sure to get you on a plane. Maybe I’ll do a pic post of some cute local things.
      As for Chariots of Fire, the opening scene when they run along the beach – I used to live in the red sandstone building with the turret. It’s in St Andrews, but I think the movie is set elsewhere. Haven’t seen that movie in years.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Oh, now I have to watch that movie again! Actually, I love it, for listening to the people talk, and for the scenery, if nothing else, although the plot and the life expressed are good, too. I haven’t seen it in years.
        Do show us your surrounds. We would love it!

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