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Another day, another round of impulse purchases.

I learned a lesson at the Royal Wedding last year; despite being lukewarm in my attitudes to the monarchy, I have to admit: they do occasions well. At the royal wedding, I turned on the TV to catch a bit of it and was mesemerised from start to finish.

What if the same happens at the Jubilee? What if I am thinking “meh” and “Scotland has nothing to do with this” and turn on the TV and suddenly regret not being clad in red white and blue from head to foot while eating a patriotically -hued cup-cake.

So, today I was faced with aisles and aisles of bunting and QEII face masks and commemorative mugs and union jack trays and… wondered how much I despised myself for buying into this blatant tat-cum-easy profits for the supermarkets.

Then I visualised the children wearing, well, not red-white-and-blue for the weekend and glowering at me in disapproval for my lack of insight into what a (an) historic moment this was for them and how they would want to be appropriately accessorised for the day.

But then the union jack has been hijacked, and sometimes ghastly associations of hate and intolerance ooze out of the flag at the edges.

Back at the royal wedding, if I had been in the crowd, I would have wanted a flag to wave.

In a haze of mixed conclusions I bought some red white and blue t-shirts for the children. I feel a bit shallow and as if I have been sucked into some easy-target-marketting which really annoys me.

I also feel as if I don’t care. If there’s a Jubilee going on, why not give the Queen a cheery wave?

So, HRH Elizabeth II – congrats on the Diamond Milestone. My daughters will be eternally grateful for their new Hello Kitty t-shirts.

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2 thoughts on “Flagging

  1. I’m sure your lukewarm, angst-ridden patriotism is much appreciated by the Queen 🙂 She’s an old lady; give her a break 😀

  2. I like the tee shirts, they are adorable and the kids will love them. We have a t.v special done by Katie Couric, celebrating the jubilee. She deserves a nod to her years, I personally thought the Queen mum was amazing and adorable.

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