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Splashing Out

I am groaning at my own pun. But anyway. I can only apologise. It was either that or something around pushing the boat out – but that gave me flashbacks to yesterday’s comfort zone discomfort…

20120528-082747 PM.jpg

Yesterday I bought two paddling pools.

It was hot, so, so hot like what it never is. I pride myself on never getting sucked into making weather based impulse buys. But it was so hot and my son’s suggestion to buy a paddling pool seemed fair enough. He spied a hose in Sainsbury’s for £7.50, so we were half way there.

So we went to B and Q along with the rest of Glasgow, who had all gone to stand around vacantly holding large plants in other people’s way.

I paced a few aisles then asked the man who pointed me to the paddling pool stand. I broke into an elbow thrusting run just in case we were one paddling pool too late – but got one. And it was heavy. And it was about £40! But it was hot, hot, hot and the children were looking as if they needed it.

Also, the air con has broken in the car, so by the time we got back we were keen to get the hose hitched up and the pool filled.

Of course, I tip it out and, the instructions read “tools required (not included): air pump”.

How annoying.

So I just hosed them for the afternoon.

Later on in Morrisons, I got a paddling pool that doesn’t require an air pump. For £5. Yay! So we filled it and played in and scheduled a trip back to B and Q to return the (roughly) £40 pool.

Even if the £5 pool rips or the £7.50 hose bursts, I think I have had my £12.50 worth of fun.

*sure hopes addition is correct*


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2 thoughts on “Splashing Out

  1. Your picture says it all, your feet seem so happy as does the shadow. Fantastic. Impulse buy!

  2. Just what the doctor ordered 🙂

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