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Out of the ‘out of the comfort zone’ comfort zone.

Ever been told to get out of your comfort zone? Ever felt worthy, proud or self-righteous when you step out of the boat?

Perhaps all this ‘abandon-the-comfort-zone’ chat is bunk.

I love to see people in their element.

The girl who sold me petrol yesterday; the tour guide on the Sound of Music tour; Robert Peston, children in a paddling pool…

It’s great when people are in the right job: when the talents and the passion match the task.

Maybe I’m back to that psychiatrist in a movie played by Robin Williams that hung out in a freezer who said: “you either are a smoker or a non smoker; find out which one you are, and be that.”

Maybe all this lack of tolerance of pushing the boundaries is indicative of my general risk aversion. Perhaps too many people in comfort zones leads to … a lack of space travel?

But, I suggest that for some, that is their comfort zone. Therefore they should be in it.

What’s your comfort zone? Would you be a better person if you left it?


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4 thoughts on “Out of the ‘out of the comfort zone’ comfort zone.

  1. I never understood getting out of one’s comfort zone with work or responsibility, I do get it if the person is close minded or bigoted then getting them out of their comfort zone could push them to more sensitivity. I’m with you that if you are good at what you do, stick to it.

  2. I recently stopped out, a bit.
    I am totally comfortable with delivering a presentation using only voice and handouts.. Last weeken, though, I presented three topics with PowerPoint, my very first attempts. I could easily see why I should go this way more often Even the fussy babies were more attentive to this medium.
    I spent several days and nights anxious that I did not know whatI was doing, but evedently I did — so many people were thankful at the end. 🙂
    I think sometimes, when improvements are needed, slipping out of our comfort zones for a short while, will open new worlds to us.
    And sometimes the good ol’ comfort zone was boring.

  3. theotheri on said:

    I suppose it depends on what you mean by Comfort Zone, but I tend to agree with Kate. If we never step out of our CZ’s, we are going to live very restricted and boring lives. I usually find getting to know new people excruciating, for instance. But I’m going to be a very lonely person if I always opt for comfortable seclusion.

  4. I tell you what takes me out of my comfort zone – people using the phrase ‘out of your comfort zone’. Drives me nuts!


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