Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

At the Party

A drumming of feet in grubby socks;
Red faces and laughter;
Hands held in a game.

A grabbing of snacks and spilt juice;
Bumps and a falling out;
Back to mum for a hug.

A waiting for a party bag and a forced thank you;
Tangled jackets and lost shoes.

Another year chalked up by another child.
A celebration.


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3 thoughts on “At the Party

  1. Sounds like one crazy party, does Mommy need a nap?

    • This was a non-specific party, although I wrote this while my daughter was at one.
      Being the party mum can be stressful- the responsibility of looking after other people’s children.

      • I don’t miss those days, once I had a diabetic girl and her mother left. I was a little nervous but the little girl was so matter of fact about it, she was adorable and I never forgot her.

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