Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

A Bun Dance

An abundance of buns
Fill my thoughts and my mind.
A true definition
I hope I will find.

Take your partners: 1, 2, 3;
Come and share a bun with me…

Mary Berry’s first to dance:
On “bath buns” she will take her chance
Bath buns? They look too much like scones
“Thanks, but Mary, I’m afraid you’re gone…”

A hot cross bun steps on the floor:
“How about me?” comes his angry roar
“No fun? No bun!” comes my decree
“You are too bread-like for a bun to be!”

Next up, an iced bun sashays by
With a layer of icing, enticing to try:
“You don’t fool me!” I cry, irate,
“You’re a roll in a role- stay off my plate!”

A glut of cupcakes on a stand
Think they’ll win by popular demand
Many too garish, sickly, inedible
“Your unseating the bun is quite incredible!”

I turn in hope to other bakes:
The butterfly, ‘gem’ and fairy cakes.
“What’s in a name?” I hear you say…
Ah yes, but you’re made in a *”bun tray”!!

Thanks for the bun fun.
You may now take your seats.
Use “bun” where’er you like-
They’re your eats and your treats.

All things to all people;
A rich source of puns.
I’ve finished the dance;
I’ll sit here on my buns

Of steel.

*’Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes” p48

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4 thoughts on “A Bun Dance

  1. That was lyrical and melodic, it sang to me. Buns have been imprinted in my mind.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    My grandmother had a “bun” hat, who sells those these days?

    On a similar note…… What makes a pancake, cake? Or a scotch pancake, Scottish? And where does that leave crumpets?

    So many questions……

    • That’s a tangent I’ll try not to pursue. But a pancake is a pancake cos it is made in a pan, not an oven. But you are right – their cakeyness is suspect.

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