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Measure for Measure

Bun Fight

The baker looked up at the candlestick maker and continued his complaint.
“… I awoke one day to the realisation that after a lifetime of making buns, that they were no longer buns, but cupcakes.”
The candlestick maker said, “Indeed! Not so much a semantic shift as a semantic falls-off-the-cliff.”
“It’s not just that,” wailed the baker, “Half of the people I complain to think that a bun is a roll. They don’t even know what a bun is!”
“Do you mean, like, a fairy cake?”
“Kind of.”
“What’s the difference between a bun and a fairy cake? And at what point does a fairy cake become a cupcake?”
The baker shook his head, unable to make a distinction based on the presence or absence of various amounts of oddly hued icing.
And society spiralled further down the gullet of newspeak, where rolls are buns; buns are cupcakes and cupcakes are ubiquitous.


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4 thoughts on “Bun Fight

  1. The poor baker, why do Americanisms have such force? Paris has been overtaken by an odd fascination with the cupcake. I don’t really care for cupcakes, the frosting is too sweet and the cake is often dry, a sweet disappointment. The word buns makes me think of Helen Mirren, “we’ll need bigger buns”

  2. Is this really a serious problem in Scotland, do I need to return to sort it out? I have to say I have long been disspointed that when people think of muffins over here they think of American sweet ones as opposed to English breakfast ones. It’s been a while since I’ve had a bun but I would still expect people to know what I meant and what the difference between a bun and a cake was. I shall poll my Southern friends.

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