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There has been a glut of Hoarding shows on the TV which have been fascinating. I had thought that hoarding was simply people getting WAY behind on tidying – but it seems to be far more than that.

I had even had this brilliant idea for a business – to get a warehouse and a van and empty people’s clutter into it and sort it so they could select what they actually wanted; they actually did that on one show – and the poor woman was just as overwhelmed.

So bang goes that business plan. I’ll have to content myself with decluttering my own home.

So, I’ve written a hoarding haiku:

The Hoard

A buffer of stuff
To keep keeping all my things:
All things keeping me.


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8 thoughts on “Hoarding

  1. It is painful to watch them try to justify their hoarding and when professionals come in it gets even more painful to watch. I like the Haiku.

  2. Good haiku.

    Your plan, good though it seems, won’t work, because it’s emotional issues that make people hoard.

  3. theotheri on said:

    Great haiku! And you know, I think perhaps you’ve put your finger on it. That stuff is one’s “keeper,” one’s security.

    I’m too compulsively organized to ever become a Really Great Hoarder. My father-in-law’s garage in northern England had always impressed me as having the potential, but I didn’t understand the rationale behind this compulsion until we lived in Spain when it was still an undeveloped country. I began to keep used screws (filed according to size in old egg cartons), broken handles, bits of plastic sheeting, stubs of wood, boxes, ribbons, string – the list is long. That’s when I began to understand the garage. My father-in-law had lived through the second world war when ingenuity was often the difference between life and death. All I was faced with was a hardware store that didn’t carry the minimum essentials or where the prices were shocking. The £25 sponge mop stands out in my memory.

    But after leaving Spain I didn’t lose that “I might be able to use that one day” approach, and to this day I have two drawers full of “stuff.”

    And do you know what? at least once a month I find that there is something in it that I can use. That’s the rub!

    • Well, my irrational response is to clear out so as to avoid a hoarding problem. Which is irrelevant as hoarding isn’t caused by hoarding as such.

  4. I’m not a Hoarder, I’m just too lazy to get rid of all my stuff.

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