Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

I’m living in a snow-globe

I’m living in a snow globe,
Drowning in a storm,
There’s water all around me,
And none of it is warm.

Little flakes are falling
Like shards of coconut.
They settle on my festive home
It might be pretty but

Each flake is a to-do
That’s fallen off my list:
A disregarded scrap of white
that I can’t afford to miss!

They’re swirling, swarming round my head
In blizzards, puffs and flurries.
The whiteness blinds me such that
I can’t see my greatest worries.

Then suddenly I’m placed with care
Upon life’s mantlepiece.
The white typhoon has weakened
And the flakes seem more at peace.

They settle on the rooftop;
They settle on the ground;
They cover up the pavements;
All in silence; not a sound.

But still I cannot breathe this air-
This water – all around.
I throw my fists against the glass;
I pound and pound and pound…

This rolling orb starts plunging
To the slate hearth down below.
We smash of course to smithereens
Of plastic ice and snow.

I inhale air and look around
At my damp imperatives.
They lie like dirty fingernails
Collected in a sieve.

Apply for this and ask for that;
You need to call and say
When you need all those appointments;
You need to buy; you need to pay…

The list reforms before me
From urgent down to frivolous
Who put blogging at the top?
Come on, you’re being ridiculous.

I pick up all the pieces
Of my little shattered ball.
They kept me in and choked me-
Now they have no power at all!

I am no longer miniature,
Trapped in a small December.
I’ve got a pen and paper now
So my list, I’ll now remember.

Better get on with it.

Maybe a cup of tea first.


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3 thoughts on “I’m living in a snow-globe

  1. “…damp imperatives…like dirty fingernails collected in a sieve”: wow! That is an incredibly strong line. I think that has helped put my own imperatives in perspective. Thank you.

  2. The white flakes swirling around is a great description, by far the best one I have seen of all the things that float in your head until they land on your to do list. You did it again!

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