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Measure for Measure

A Running Machine

That’s what I am, oh yeah.


Not really, but today was a good day on the running front.

On Sunday I went for a run and every hill was a hill to reckon with and I was forced to a walk with every incline. In addition, the weather had gone for a farcical “changeable” nature, and there was actual hot sun and hail within minutes of each other. Both very welcome in their own ways.

Today I did the same route, and…. there were no hills. Metaphorically. Or they didn’t seem like the hills they were two days ago. Weird.

Unlike the stopping and starting disaster of two days ago, I ran the whole way, apart from when I had to leap onto a grass verge to let a truck past and a two-lamppost walk towards the end before the final “sprint”.

It was idyllic. Lovely farms – as I was running past/through one, a cockerel even went Cockadoodle do! Sheep going baa, cows going moo. Lovely views, green grass.

So, apart from all the hills freakily disappearing, another cannae-change-the-laws-o-physics thing happened.

By running the whole way… I only beat myself by 4 minutes! How does that figure?

It is a 7.5km route – (with hills – existent or not) and on Sunday it took me an hour and today – pretty much the same! Surely I should have eaten my own dust?

So, the 10k race is in a couple of weeks and I THEORETICALLY am aiming to do it in an hour. This won’t happen because I have done it in 1 hr 15, 1hr 13 and 1hr 11 ever before.  But theoretically it is do-able in an hour.

Much work is needed.

So I have figured out a kilometre route and shall do it in 6 minutes and see if I can.

Not today though.

Or tomorrow.

Maybe I should draw some go-faster stripes on my shoes.


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3 thoughts on “A Running Machine

  1. Isn’t strange when that happens. I am in awe of your running, I physically can’t due to faulty knees and ankles. I know that my hikes in the past have produced similar results, hikes that were hard on the muscles due to lack of practice become easier but not faster. Strange. You are the runner LADY!

  2. I meant to say isn’t IT strange when that happens, one word changes an entire sentence.

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