Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Exam Season Haikus

Answer the question.
Think hard what the answer is,
And then write it down.

You know all the facts.
But that’s not what they’re asking.
You need to select.

Live, interactive
Thought and consideration
Of the task in hand

Will not pass them by.
You will pass by maintaining
Thought for the marker.

Hundreds of bad scripts,
All hugely irrelevant.
May yours be a joy.


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One thought on “Exam Season Haikus

  1. For some such as my mother-in-law, you could give all the advice and tricks in the world, she couldn’t take an exam without blanking completely. However give her a term paper and she could write forever. I had the ultimate good fortune that it didn’t matter, exam or term paper as long as I paid attention I could do either one. Your Haiku is awesome.

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