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A Gift for Gifting?

How do you feel about gifts?

Buying them:

You pace the mall, gaze up and down the shelves thinking and thinking about the person receiving the gift. Will they want it? Like it? Be offended by it? Have house room for it? Feel loved? Will it fit? Will they hate it? Do they already have it?

You think of that notional price in your head. How much it be too much? Will they feel obligated? Offended? Will they feel bad you spent so much or will they never know you spent so little *fingers crossed* ? Do you go for quality or quantity or just THE RIGHT THING?

Giving them:

Do you want to hand it over and see them open it? Or would you rather they waited until you had gone? Do you expect a response – of some sort  – yes! But what?

Receiving them:

You need to like it, want to like it, you have a place for it a use for it. They have bought this for you.


What are they really saying?

A book: you have time on your hands.

A scarf: you live in Scotland.

A bag: you have places to go and things to do, and things to take there.

Make-up: I shudder to think!

Perfume 😳

If giving a gift is the medium of a message, what is the message? Is it the giving of the gift that is the message, or is there a message in the gift?

There are those love languages and one of the love languages is about gift giving – but that isn’t my one. Mine is whatever one is about spending time and doing stuff. I can’t remember the official name, but that is it. But some people are into gifts.

I mean, I like gifts. Any amount of books, scarves, bags, make-up and perfume most welcome 🙂

But I’d rather go for a meal out with you, or  – to be honest – I’d rather you came here and we cooked and ate together.

What do you think of wedding lists? How do you feel when a card pops out the invitation telling you where you can buy the happy couple their gifts? Is it a convenient thing, avoiding a phone call with the mother of the bride, or do you think “ew” and resolve to buy them something really obscure?


Returning them:

Do you ever take things back when you get the receipt with them? I rarely do. Only with doubles of kids things. I like to keep gifts. Against my will they become symbols of relationships – gathering dust or cherished daily.

Are you a gifted giver? What’s your top-tips for successful gift buying?

What do you wish people would give you that they never do – and – if you’re sure they don’t read this blog – what do people give you that you wish they wouldn’t?


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One thought on “A Gift for Gifting?

  1. You definitely explored and dissected the gift, the language, responsibility and pitfalls and did it very well. I for one, prefer to give than to receive and I’m with you in that I would rather have you come over so thatt I can cook for you and we can sit and talk abou everything and nothing.

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