Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Scottish Holiday

Single track road stuck behind an HGV;
“changeable” weather;
running commentary from me based on anecdotes about my previous visits;
refusing to buy things in gift shops;
frogmarching the children around the hands-on exhibits in the visitor centres;
escorting them up well beaten tracks with steps half the children’s height;
telling them not to go too near the edges or climb fences;
barking out warnings for every possible hazard that came to my mind;
chips and questionable pakora;
odd folk in living-history venues;
restaurants that only take cash;
haggis paninis;
traffic jam on the A9;
bright sun;
chill wind;
greenfinches, bullfinches, chaffinches;
and really varied roadkill…

Wish you were here?

20120416-092145 PM.jpg


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9 thoughts on “Scottish Holiday

  1. Yes, actually; I do. 🙂 I’ve never been to Scotland 😦

  2. My smiley faces moved!

  3. civroc on said:

    You missed out the bits concerning ferries. All of which are tired and more than slightly depressing.

  4. Scotstig on said:

    Clearly we are not “dour” Scots for nothing! If you choose to be a tourist in your own land then you can’t expect everywhere to be the same. I went Pavone Sud for a meal recently, the food wasn’t bad but the service and the prices were terrible but that’s kind of what I expect of The Mearns. Scotland and particularly Perthshire has some really excellent places to go and to eat. You just need to cast off your tourist goggles.

    • The no plastic restaurant wasn’t my suggestion. I wanted to go to the Mediterranean/Scottish fusion place, but no. Off the beaten track we went.
      Good haggis baked potato though.

  5. I would love to visit again!! I remember July as chilly in the morning and beautiful the rest of the day. I also remember traveling my with two when they were little and your post decribed it to a tee on a few occasions. Love Scotland.

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