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“Make Me” part 3: Square Pegs or Round Holes?

Maybe peer pressure is necessary for people to fit but…

Already I am back in Tinkerbell mode, thinking of how her pigeonholing grated with me. She wanted to be a garden fairy but through peer pressure and a lack of appropriate training, she wound up as a tinker: the role she was born into.

It’s like a caste system. You are given a role, and that’s it: have a round hole. Go fit in it.

But for some, maybe me, it is easier to have a role, know what it is and fulfil it.

Maybe I had to sand the corners off myself to fit those lovely neat round holes. Maybe society did it for me.

Or maybe I was never a square peg. Or maybe I don’t fit this round hole.


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2 thoughts on ““Make Me” part 3: Square Pegs or Round Holes?

  1. Maybe it is exactly how you say it, we are either a square peg or round pole and it is up to us to find our own proper holder so that we can fit comfortably. It may take a little sandpaper at times or some stuffing but we all hope to manage through it all. I might be a rhombus, I always liked that word.

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