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“Make Me” Part 2: Introvert or Extrovert?

Maybe one’s response to peer pressure is related to whether you are an introvert or an extrovert?

There was an item on BBC Breakfast about a woman who has written a book on the value of the introvert in society. She was saying that there has been an undervaluing of the introvert. She said that children were being forced into being extrovert: being made to speak in front of large groups, to socialise widely from a young age etc.  I think she would have argued that your character in this respect is innate.

Certainly Scotland has gone down the promoting the extrovert route – where we look for “confident individuals”.

She said that extroverts were more likely to take risks than introverts. I wonder if that makes extroverts more susceptible to caving in to peer pressure.

My trouble with the introvert/extrovert questions is that I don’t fit in either camp. Although I think maybe at the core I am introvert. On the one hand I am socially awkward, but don’t mind addressing hundreds through a mic or in writing. I am happy in public and in private, but I squirm in any middle ground, on the transition from public to private.

I imagine an introvert would have less cause to have to deal with overt peer pressure. I’ll leave it to anyone sure they are extrovert to tell me whether or not their extroversion has a bearing on their relationship with peer pressure.


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5 thoughts on ““Make Me” Part 2: Introvert or Extrovert?

  1. theotheri on said:

    You are posing some questions I find fascinating.

    My guess from reading your post is that you are most comfortable when you know what role you are playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s public or private, as long as you don’t have to construct it in the process of interacting with people. That would also be consonant with your not wanting other people to tell you what to do, your resistance to the very idea of peer pressure.

    Obviously I am saying this from a very great distance since we have never even met each other, but my guess is that you are more of an introvert than extrovert.

    But perhaps I am projecting!

  2. When I was little I was bullied in school and out of school so I hid in the library with my books. Peer pressure did affect me a little but I realized that no matter what I did, it wouldn’t get the bullies/popular people to like me. I had a friend in grammar school and we were happy together and then a friend in high school. So I don’t know what it reallly means to be an extrovert in a confident manner. I often feel forced to be outgoing, I like the quiet of reading, gardening and writing. I suppose that peer pressure has much to do with how much wanting to be accepted and liked matter to you. I don’t know.

  3. I think anyone who met me would label me as an extrovert, as for peer pressure, well you know me, what do you think? In terms of school it’s hard to say, I was a “Misfit”, at the bottom of the rung socially so the usual types of teen peer pressure didn’t apply to me. However my whole life I have often come up against opinions or ways of doing things that are vastly different to my own and had to deal with both overt and subtle hostility as a consequence. I have never liked being pigeon holed and often delight in being perverse in order to challenge other people. I do like to think that I follow my own path but I am sure we are all vulnerable to manipulation, as I said on FB we are social animals and community cohesion is a vital part of our psyche.

    Extroverts aren’t always 100% confident people and the bombast often masks a host of insecurities. Perhaps the difference is that extroverts “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” to quote the self help guide (I can’t believe I just did that, now I need a wash).

    As with everything to do with people, I think it’s actually more complicated than that. For example the Newcastle Personality Asessor looks at five major personality traits; namely extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, openness and concientiousness, (so *that’s* why I procrastinate and never have a tidy house!!). You could be an extovert with high score for agreeableness or an introvert with the same which would make both open to peer pressure.

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