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Donkey Crossing

I saw a donkey on Thursday. Here he is:

20120406-035924 PM.jpg

I thought I would take the opportunity to see if donkeys really do have a cross on their back, so I held my camera over him, and hey, yes at least this one does.

20120406-035936 PM.jpg

Legend has it that the cross appeared on the donkey’s back after Jesus rode it into Jerusalem, and a shadow of a cross appeared on donkeys’ backs from then on.

I doubt it.

But I was pleased to see it there anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Donkey Crossing

  1. I’ve never heard that legend.

    Sweet donkey 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that one. I have friends that have a pet donkey who is tall so I never noticed. Down the road, there is a farm that has miniature donkeys and there are a few babies. I almost ran off the road admiring how cute all the miniature donkey and horse babies were. I’ll have to see if the miniature donkeys have a cross.

  3. Donkeys across the road from us. Gotta go check. What kind of temptation can I give it that will entice it to come to the fence? Apple? Carrot? Clover? I am stumped. Maybe I should ask its owner?

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