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All in this together?

Posting on peer pressure has sent my thoughts spinning about the individual in society.

My thoughts aren’t staying still for long enough form me to pin them down.

Jumping about inside my brain are: a documentary I saw at school called “The Seduction of a Nation” about Nazi Germany; political prisoners/religious prisoners; bullying; a feature on BBC breakfast about a book that is out about the value of the introvert in society…

The comment thread on my post yesterday really made me think.

But that resultant thought has yet to formulate.



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6 thoughts on “All in this together?

  1. Take your time, it will come and I know that when it blossoms, the resulting post will be worth the wait.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    Are we not all the victim to an extent of peer pressure. Peer pressure ebbs and flows throughout our lives in a sea of influence sometimes conscious, sometimes sub-conscious. Psychologically whether peer pressure is an issue or not is difficult because there are so many factors or undercurrents if you will. We may think of ourselves as free thinkers and decision makers but we are bound by experience, “common sense”, belief and faith.

    Hitler thought of himself as a free thinker and let his hatred steer his judgement. There are so many people in marketing, media and politics that we have to walk on water above the currents and eddies. Jesus followed his one true path but Pilate gave in to the crowd because he feared them. A case of the Emperor’s new clothes?

  3. flora on said:

    Sandstorm, that sounds like a lot of blog material. A series in the making?

    Picking up on Scotstig’s point, we are not individuals as in the ‘no man is an island’ and all that. Our worldview, currently Western individualism is a new one, relatively speaking and we are influenced by others around us – we have to be. Living in community has been the norm for much longer, and still is in many areas of the world. Jesus functioned as a Jew of his era and his actions, teachings and life reflected that. Is there a continuum of peer pressure and reflection of our current community/ world view or are they really separate issues?

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