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“Stony Silence”: a sonnet for Palm Sunday

I am a rock and you may think me mute,
Beside the gateway to Jerusalem.
I see each person walk, I hear each foot,
That enters in the gate time and again.
Today is different; history is here.
Folding in upon itself this week.
A chosen colt is ridden, that I hear
Was taken by some men who came to seek
A foal that would be by the master used.
And from the past I knew what I must do:
The truth will out; they cannot be confused.
I’ll sing out praise- that will be something new!
But now, no need: I hear hosannas ring.
They wave palm leaves and welcome in the King.


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4 thoughts on ““Stony Silence”: a sonnet for Palm Sunday

  1. That was so very beautiful. That is how I feel when I walk down some streets in Europe, the stones have been around for so long and have seen so much. The stone at the gate of Jerusalem, having seen so much before, during and after. Makes one feel small.

  2. Super big thanks and it reminds me of a book I read to my kids at Christmas, very nice!!! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Andrea on said:


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