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Wine Whine

So, I read someone’s status. They are going to sit and have a glass of wine.

Maybe that’s because they are going to sit and have a glass of wine.

But, I always think there is a wealth of sub-text hovering beneath the surface.

In part, I blame home improvement shows. When I was on my first maternity leave I watched home improvement and property buying and selling shows: Trading Up with Colin and Justin; the House Doctor with Anne Maurice, and a multitude of low-budget shows starring Ben Fogle and Alistair Appleton… them were the days.

In all these shows there was a moment when an ordinary, if ungainly, or obese couple were shown through a pristine property and there would be some decked area, patio or sun terrace. And the wife would say: “I can see myself out here with a glass of wine.”

Aye. Sure she can.

Sitting outside with a glass of wine seems to be a suburban symbol of … SOMETHING… but what?

Is it like my cup of tea?  I know I am having a successful day when I can have a hot cup of properly-infused tea, uninterrupted and unhurried. Does the wine symbolise a moment when you don’t have to be on your guard, stressed, hurried and working?

How many people with patios, sun terraces and decks in SCOTLAND  have cause to sit outside as a matter of general life? Is it not only in the rare times such as the freak week of balmy weather we have just had, that we might venture out, taking a woolly cardi along with, just in case?

This woman, on the home show: is she really setting her life on a trajectory that will ultimately lift her to such a place as where she can drink wine in peace? Is that where we aspire to be?

Not that I begrudge the woman a wee soiree on her balcony in midsummer.

But something about it just grates with me.

As with statuses.

When people say what they are eating or drinking on Facebook – is that what they want us to know?  That they are eating too many pringles, a tunnocks caramel wafer or a beast of a curry?

Or does every mention of food and drink channel us down a necessary gullet of reading of sub-text?

Or is it just me?

Is it the case: you are what you eat? (and in this case drink?)

Right. I’m off to my patio for a nice chilled glass of wine.

(Not really.)


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6 thoughts on “Wine Whine

  1. Scotstig on said:

    As I write this, I’m on my deck with a bottle of beer. It’s a sunny day, I have a deck and a bottle of beer. What’s not to like? However the pleasure is all mine. I don’t need to publicise this on Facebook. The whole deck/wine thing is completely aspirational. What they are really saying is: “Haw, this is better than a bottle of Buckie up the close.”

    Garden centres rely on the fact that people think they will be in their beautiful garden every summer night with a glass of wine and some barbequed (cremated) food. When the truth is most nights they will probably be in, tired from work watching TV about fat people getting slim with a bottle of wine to take the edge off.

    I always enjoyed your food Facebook statuses although the pictures always made me hungry!!!!

  2. Now that you pointed it out to me I’ll be on the lookout for all those couples giving the ultimate compliment on the remodeling by deeming the project a success with the desire for wine. If you hadn’t made that point I would have been oblivious.

  3. I hate it when people say things like ‘So mad!’ ‘So upset’ then there’s a flurry of ‘Are you okay?’s in the comments then the Statuser says ‘PM me’. They want sympathy all round and attention. Either say what’s wrong or shut up and contact your friends privately.

    I’m not unsympathetic; I just hate drama queens.

    • There are a huge range of status types that annoy me, but I would perhaps end up “friend”less if I ranted my way though them…
      But yes “Ask-me ask-me” posts get a body-swerve from me…

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