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Trying not to worry about anachronisms

So I made my first-century seder today. I’m saving the pics for much later. I am a bit ahead of myself this Easter. I mean, it’s not even this Easter yet…

It’s a funny clash, trying to make it look authentic, but all the while, making it anything but authentic.

The disciples all had place settings with their names typed on them in Times New Roman. I almost laminated them.

The matzoh cracker looked the business. I doubt unleavened bread can have changed much in 2000 years, except perhaps to be a little more uniform in shape, so they can fit in neat boxes on supermarket shelves.

I had real trouble with the drinking vessels, apart from the huge wooden goblet I came across last weekend. I don’t suppose people would have drunk out of glasses 2000 years ago. But what do I know? Perhaps glass-blowing was all the rage?

I am quite glad that Morrisons didn’t seem to have any raw horseradish. The recipes all seem a bit… hazardous… the person chopping it is liable to have a kind of onions-extreme reaction.

The parsely and water thing worked out OK, and it helps to make the Judas “dipping in the bowl with me ” part of the Last Supper make more sense.

To get a “reclining at the table” look, I went for ethnic throws. Hopefully the Sri Lankan elephants aren’t too prominent.

Mostly it was the speech bubbles I printed that made it all look a bit 21st C. But, at least you can tell how some of the conversation went.

But I reckon my version is no worse that Leonardo’s. At least in my version, they sit on both sides of the table.


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3 thoughts on “Trying not to worry about anachronisms

  1. theotheri on said:

    I AM looking forward to when you post the photos!

  2. I can’t wait to see the photos as well. I’m glad that you shied away from raw horseradish because it makes the onion seem tame. I admire how well researched your celebrations are and how committed you are with your projects. I learn so much from all your hard work.

  3. Can’t wait to see the pics!

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