Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

The Character

His hair might be blonde and closely cropped,
Or perhaps brown and tousled.
He might always be the centre of attention,
Or perhaps be an insecure recluse.
Maybe people thought he had killed someone,
Or perhaps that he would die alone.
They maybe thought he was selfish,
Or he perhaps he was seen as optimistic.

And when the novel began
He was incarnate:
Breathing yesterday’s curry over
Today’s paper,
Sweating, into his soft cotton shirt,
Drumming his grubby nails,
on the arm of the chair.

He hated his parents;
Grieved for a lost child;
Loved his music;
Forgave his friend;
Found love, but failed her.

He lived out the pages
Aching with loss
And hope.

The writer set him in a labyrinth;
The reader willed his success;

The story unfolds.


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2 thoughts on “The Character

  1. This is quite beautiful. And thought provoking. Thank you. 🙂

  2. You developed the characters angst wonderfully and the determination to still try to move forward even with past pain, so much with meaningful words.

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