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I feel retrospectively ignorant, but I was reading “The Somnambulist” by Essie Fox today, and came across the phrase “Soup, Soap and Salvation” and I wondered if it was a “real” thing. And so I googled it and was a phrase coined by William Booth who founded the Salvation Army.

Nice trio of ideas, I thought.

It reminded me of the three ‘R’s, “Reading Writing and Arithmetic”, only one of which is an ‘R’, come to think of it.

Nowadays, Scotland has opted for “Literacy, Numeracy and Health-and-Well-being” as the “Three” things to provide/prioritise.

I’m sorted on the Literacy front and do my… well, I was going to say “best” for Health-and-Well-being – but I “could do better”. My numeracy is shocking.

I think the Scottish priorities have taken the “Soup, Soap and Salvation” and made it into “Health and Well-being”; where the three ‘R’s only dealt with the Literacy and Numeracy, leaving the body and soul to fend for themselves.

If you could come up with “Three…” priorities for the next generation, what would they be?

“ICT literacy, entrepreneurship and individualism”?
“Sustenance, shelter and society”?
“Faith, Hope and Charity”?

Have you got any better ideas?


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7 thoughts on “The Three…

  1. theotheri on said:

    Well, it would be a little embarrassing to try to compete with Faith, Hope, and Charity, wouldn’t it? Though I do think it’s always worth adding Paul’s follow on: “But the greatest of these is…”

    • I almost went there… but it wasn’t a trio.
      Paul’s definition of love is a bit… thorough…

      I think that today people kind of ‘assume’ the soup and soap’ parts of people’s lives are ‘sorted’ – and maybe they aren’t.

      I have enjoyed your “bee” musings – and this kind of links with that – as to our purpose and all that. To bee or not to bee 😉

  2. When I saw your title, three blind mice erupted in my brain and got stuck there and when I saw the phrase starting with literacy, lunacy immediately came to mind. So I don’t know what is going on in my little brain but it’s crazy in there today. I do like kindness, compassion and goodness as three things that we all need.

  3. Love, Like, Respect.

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