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Excess Baggage?

I was reading in the Sunday Times today about Airforce 1.  (Article by Christina Lamb: “Soaraway Dave will fly on the coolest plane on earth.”)

It described lots of features of the President’s plane, down to the perpetually present doctor and potential operating theatre. Smashing: a portable home from home with all mod-cons, and then some.

It’s hardly travelling light. It’s more than everything but the kitchen sink. It’s the kitchen sink and embossed china.

Quite hard to get-away-from-it-all, I’d imagine, when there’s room aboard for all you family and friends the Secret Service and the media.

Something about it reminds me of Noah’s Ark, where you take aboard everything to start your life over again in a post-apocalyptic world, kinda. Except there were animals in place of the media. And unless Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives were working for the Secret Service, they weren’t there either.

If I had to get a cover-all-eventuality-getaway-vehicle, I don’t think I would want a plane.

I think I’d prefer a pink Volkswagen campervan, stocked with a heater, a comfy bed and a wee stove so I could make tea. Instead of circling the airspace waiting for a safe place to land, I’d go up the A93 and park somewhere scenic.

Do you want your own Airforce 1? Or Ark?

What every-eventuality vehicle would you choose?


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5 thoughts on “Excess Baggage?

  1. You are 100% right, why be in an airplane that any madman can have shot down because of radar and technology when you can be safe and sound in a camper. When I was little I thought that the Barbie Camper was the finest thing in the world. I haven’t been in a camper yet but I would like to visit those big ones just to see how they hold everything and stow it all away like a puzzle. That would be entertaining for awhile.

  2. Airforce 1 is the only plane I wouldn’t be afraid to board; it’s the safest plane in the world. It can stay in the air indefinitely, with re-fuelling from jets.

    Technically, ‘Airforce 1’ is whichever plane the President is on, so it could be a bi-plane.

    There are two Airforce 1s; whichever is in use, the other is being serviced.

    • I don’t think it can be the safest plane in the world. A plane with the President on it is a target, I reckon. The safest plane in the world is probably one in a hangar in the Australian outback that no one for miles around knows how to fly… or something…

  3. While it is true that Airforce 1, technically, is any airborne vehicle containing the President, the two we usually refer to are not, technically, airplanes, but jets.
    And I’d not want to be in either, if they were aloft. In an Australian hangar, maybe.


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