Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Self Esteem

There once was a god called Narcissus,
Who preferred his own self to his Mrs.
So large was his ego,
He had no amigo,
So he just had to mind his own business.


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8 thoughts on “Self Esteem

  1. Love this! Shared on Facebook.

  2. Love it!!! When I was little, my favorite book of Greek myths had a beautifully illustrated story of Narcissus and how he met his unfortunate fate starving to death while staring at his beautiful countenance in the reflecting pond. Your gift with poems and words is amazing.

    • Thanks! I was always a bit vague on Greek myths, so when I was at Uni I bought a book called “By Jove” that looked at all the ancient myths and legends so I could spot them in literature. Very handy.

  3. Laughed so hard, I got hiccups! 😀
    Good job!

  4. Oh, and now have read it to my Mr. and he says you are quite the poet! 🙂

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