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Waiting for the Message about Media

There was a package from Amazon waiting in the porch, with my name on it. Such packages are not usually for me. I generally don’t have the patience to order a book I want, and I fire up to the actual bookshop and buy the actual book. Maybe if I was a Kindle person I would have the book in a twinkling of an eye…

Anyway, suffice to say, a book I had ordered for someone else has come; “The Medium is the Message” has yet to arrive.

I have read one article once about the idea in the book: that the information conveyed through any medium is almost entirely secondary. It is the way the message comes that shapes society and actually conveys the message – which may not be the intended message. But I will know more when I ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK….

I hope it doesn’t mean that I have to change my medium and have to become a physical globetrotter and have to come and visit my readers on a daily basis and share poems, thoughts and observational trivia over a burnt pancake. But you never know.

Anyway, I am just back from playing the violin at the local service for the World Day Of Prayer. The upshot of the talk centred on this verse:

 John 14 verse 6: “Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”.

I always feel that this verse is controversial and sounds exclusive. But, if it is a true statement, it is an open opportunity.

If ever a medium and a message were inextricable, it was in the Incarnation.

There are several “I Am” statements recorded in the Bible: “I am the good shepherd”, “I am the gate”, “I am the bread”… all of which create an image, contain a message and were embodied in the medium of a man.


Maybe Amazon will deliver tomorrow… but I will drive myself nuts with it…

I am now staring at the programme for the World Day Of Prayer and thinking about that as a medium and how that related to what the message was from the women of Malaysia. Their point and their message was “Let Justice Prevail”.

Their medium was a programme of prayers and readings, made up by a committee of Christian women in one country to be used on one day, but globally – almost simultaneously. I figure the message there is about individuals in their locality being on the same page as other individuals in their varied localities, with shared ideals and values – and there being mutual support in the face of global injustices and oppression.

“Let Justice Prevail”.

Can’t argue with that.

Perhaps Amazon will deliver tomorrow.

(Through the medium of the postal system… so, what’s the message there??… that you can order what you want, hit “Buy Now” and here is comes… oh the immediacy… the choice… the subjectivism… the possibilites… the credit card bills… the guilt….



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2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Message about Media

  1. theotheri on said:

    I love it!

  2. I really liked the idea of you globetrotting to my house, delivering me your posts and poems and I would make you tacos. Your medium is your blog but feel free to globetrot on over to Western Mass.

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