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A Handy Indication of Ageing

So, … Gretel is cuter, but … I, too, have a sore finger.

It’s weird. I thought is was maybe repetitive strain injury related to my recent return to the violin – but I had a week off, and then I had a few days when is was worse… It is fine now, all set for Sunday. But it’s recurring, like tendon pain. Have I taken medical advice? Yes. Have I bothered to go and pick up the stuff for it? No. I am just moaning.

I know nothing about fingers. Apart from the obvious. Tendonitis? Arthritis? Rheumatics? Personally I think it is psychosomatic idiopathic randomness that will eventually settle and go away.

Or maybe it’s a sign of ageing.

“Handy” in German is “mobile phone/cell phone”.

The use of which is another sign of ageing, apparently.

You can tell me if you think it is real. I hold my phone in one hand and type with the thumb of that hand. I hear that that is a sign of being old. If I was young, I would text type with both hands, holding the phone in both hands.

Why would this be? Is it a thing?

Depressingly, in this proposition, “old” is defined as over 30. So, are there any over 30s out there who type with both hands on their phones? Are there any under 30s who text type one handed?


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2 thoughts on “A Handy Indication of Ageing

  1. So I am very old because I rarely text, if I do I use one finger my pointer finger to type, the right one while I hold my phone in my left hand. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I take steroids to keep it under control. It is a dull ache so it isn’t so bad. I am old. I hope that your finger gets better because with your gift it would be awful if your finger did not to get better. Be sure to take care of your finger.

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