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Looking for a Lanark-shaped Hole

I am trying to read “Lanark” by Alasdair Gray. It is taking FOREVER.

20120223-105517 PM.jpg

I am searching for a “Lanark”-shaped hole in my life and I just can’t find it. I will.

I read Lanark in the mid-1990’s and thought it was great. Especially the bit with Nastler. But I won’t spoil it for you: if you have a “Lanark” window in your life, you should be allowed to read it without me turning it inside out before you even start.

For the international readers who are less likely to have come across it, “Lanark” is a piece of Scottish Literature. It is Scottish to the core, with the Antisyzygy in full flight and it is fine dystopian literature. Just great. And it is also fairly recent and has the added bonus of being mind-blowing.

At least… that is what I remember from when I read it twenty years ago. I am enjoying it far more now, but it requires the brain to be functioning. Most of the things I read now are fairly … unchallenging, and that window of alert focus has completely vanished from my life.

I can’t read during the day, when I am fully functioning.  Then I have to post something here so that all is well with the world and there are no disturbances in the force. Then I think, “Yay! Time to read ‘Lanark’!”.

Then, I realise that my brain is smoosh, so much so that it might as well be served for dinner in the “Institution” in Book Three.

So I watch half a back-episode of Masterchef while generating emergency haikus.

This weekend.

Surely this weekend?


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3 thoughts on “Looking for a Lanark-shaped Hole

  1. I feel your smoosh, I tell myself the same thing about my book sometimes and it is through the weight of guilt that I persevere.

  2. Rickster on said:

    Lanark? Never heard of it before. Has my life been lacking? Why does it start with book 3?

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