Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

The Belt

To flail;
To flay:
To fail.

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3 thoughts on “The Belt

  1. To flail is some powerful image inducing language.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    Without getting into the rights or wrongs corporal punishment. And as someone, who in the past has been belted, there are rights and wrongs with the belt.

    Wrongs: Hitting anyone is wrong because it can lead to a cycle of mental anguish and violence for the victim as well as physical injury.

    The ability to “belt” was dependent on the physical prowess of the teacher. Some teachers were not strong enough so this made the punishment ineffective and wiping out the belt’s deterrent capability. Some teachers were too strong wiping out the ability to write for the rest of the lesson or day.

    The belt never took in the pupil’s ability to be belted. It would traumatise or be ignored regardless.

    Rights: Infraction/Judgement/Punishment were all simple. It was over quickly, all boundaries were then understood by both parties. Not the endless investigation and soul searching we get today. Sometimes you would get belted unfairly because you were part of a group or the teacher just thought something that wasn’t true. That is a life lesson I think missing today where it isn’t realised that life can be unfair.

    Anyway, when corporal punishment was banned in schools a world renowned local business not far from here took a nose dive. Lochgelly belts (tawses) were renowned world wide for their quality and ability.

    • I only got corporal punishment once before the ban. It was humiliating, and I think a bawling out would have been just as effective, as I’m sure you can imagine, I was PERFECT at school, so any criticism would have destroyed me – they didn’t need to hit me.

      The belt that I got a picture of was an impressive gadget. I am glad they are just historic artefacts.

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