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The Benefits of being Unable to Make Pancakes

I will preface this by saying that I have not given up – “when one monster meets another monster, one monster has to give way and IT WILL NEVER BE ME!”. The battle against the pancake will have something of a lull, but, I’ll be back.

There has to be an upside to this (temporary) failure. Even if it is mottled, burnt or mashed.

Firstly, it is firmly on record that this type of baking is “not-my-area-of-gifting”, so the chances of having to home-bake for church events is limited. And given the amount of cake the church consumed at the weekend, that is some relief. If I was asked to make a batch of pancakes, it would only be fair to say no. I’ll stick to what I think are my actual areas of gifting: skulking in the background, putting in tuppenceworths, playing the violin, making witty asides and engaging with bible stories and writing random analyses and ‘takes’ on things on this here blog.

Secondly, if I HAD managed to crack the pancake conundrum, I would totally have worked on it, despite Lent. I may therefore have been about to make lots of pancakes, but I am not. Therefore, theoretically, I will not gain as much weight as I might have done, had I been making and eating pancakes for the next six weeks, as well as the last six weeks. Which is just as well. Diet starts soon(ish).

Thirdly (I am hating my connectives), I appreciate my cooking a lot better. Considering how bad the pancakes are, the cooking is quite a relief. I’d eat my chicken satay any day. (Hence the impending diet).

Fourthly (well, I can’t launch into “furthermore” and co at this point, can I?) it has made me appreciate the skill of many others for whom pancakes are an arena for success. I did not appreciate what it takes to get a decent pancake, although I have eaten many. (Again…)

Finally, as I live in Scotland, with its emphasis on “Life-Long-Learning”, at least I have a quantifiable “Next Step”/”Learning Intention” to work on.


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6 thoughts on “The Benefits of being Unable to Make Pancakes

  1. Exceptional arguments for taking a break on the pancake making. It is always nice to have areas where other people shine, makes you sit back and enjoy their work.

  2. Is Life Long Learning considered to be particularly Scottish? Interesting, that explains a few odd conversations I’ve had down here.

    • Hmm.. I don’t know. There’s a “minister for lifelong learning” in the Scottish parliament I think, and there’s a culture of never being allowed to stop training.
      I wonder if there’s actually a culture of “never bothered my backside at school so better catch up now”…

  3. Awwwww. I wanted to come for breakfast . . . Now I’ll have to bake my own. 😐

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