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It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake… Part 3

Pancake Day! And here we are.

It is soon my birthday, and I was given a pressie to open early….

20120221-083427 PM.jpg

“Yeah, Baby”

A Heavy Duty Griddle a.k.a The Answer to All My Pancake-related problems. So excited.

As per the instructions, I rubbed lard over it and put it in the oven to season. Today’s glamorous assistant made up the batter while I paced the floor excitedly at the prospect of a successful pancake bake.

Just in case, we did a test pancake…

20120221-083436 PM.jpg

“Aw, whit man…”

It all went horribly wrong.

Then things took a turn for the better…

20120221-083445 PM.jpg


Until I stopped paying attention…

20120221-083457 PM.jpg

Pancakes a la Cubism

But actually, there were some pancakes in there that looked quite like pancakes, so that was good.

20120221-083503 PM.jpg

With that mixed success, I will let the pancake phase pass, at least for Lent. All good research for my foray into dystopian fiction.

Thanks to all my readers for their advice, sympathy, recipes and support. I hope that those of you blessed with a succession of soft, tasty, golden brown pancakes of joy are fully appreciative of your own skill. And I hope your friends and families are suitably impressed.



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4 thoughts on “It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake… Part 3

  1. No time for pancakes today but might have a go thamorra. Dystopian fiction eh? Lovely, in my youth I was obsessed with it as you know, can’t wait for your take.

  2. The griddle is a serious piece of cookware. It’s magnificent. The last batch looked very good. The one’s in the middle looked like there was some trick photography going on. I hope that you’ll try again in a few months time.

  3. Sweetheart!!!! I cannot imagine working so hard for something. Come on over and I will whip you up a batch with real maple syrup and real butter!
    Seriously, it could not cost much more to get to my place than you have already spent, right? 😉

  4. Oh–AND–

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