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It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake! Part 3

A day off school – a great opportunity to get some home baking done. Not only that, there is ONE WEEK TO GO until Pancake Day! So, the pressure is on. We had been to Frankie and Benny’s for lunch and Niece-of-Sanstorm had picked up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies she wanted to try. So I thought I’d try pancakes.


This time there would be no mistakes. I had aquired a set of scales since the last attempt, and I had a friend to help me, while my niece busied herself making her choc chip mix.

We made the batter, but it looked a little thick:

20120214-063707 PM.jpg

So we used the electric whisk to get it all nice and smooth.

20120214-063714 PM.jpg

We larded the griddle and heated it until it was hot-hot-hot!

Batch 1:

20120214-063721 PM.jpg


Batch 2:

20120214-063728 PM.jpg

The Return of the Circles of Doom

Batch 3:

20120214-063734 PM.jpg


And the overall impression of the pancake session:

20120214-063741 PM.jpg


So, the issues have not been solved by my first two strategies: I had scales, so the measurements were right. This time I EVEN used all the ingredients I was MEANT to use.

So, a week to go… can I crack the pancake conundrum in time?

*clock ticks ominously in the background*

Meanwhile, my niece baked her cookies.

They were delicious.

20120214-063749 PM.jpg


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7 thoughts on “It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake! Part 3

  1. Ooh they look like proper pancakes (at least to a Scot, they’d be too wee and fat down here). My problem is the heat of the thing I am using to cook them, I either get charcol or raw on top. The only time they have ever worked successfully was last year when I used a mix, oh the shame. Jamie Oliver’s American panckae recipie is gorgeous if I get other people to actually cook them.

  2. they look like perfect pancakes – what are you hoping for them to look like? these are how my dad’s infamous (made once a decade) pancakes are and they taste great!

  3. Ooooo, those pancakes look deee-lish! Give me butter and sugar-free syrup, then stand back! I’ll go to grazing like a momma cow! The cookies look so num yummy that my blood sugar is going up just imagining the taste! 😛

  4. I get what you are going for, personally I have never been able to get the beautiful smooth golden look of an International House of Pancakes pancake. Mine come out like yours yet they taste just as good as the perfect looking ones. When you put them all together they looked very pretty, like a painting. I think that you are a fine pancake griddler.

  5. And yet . . . I just throw mine together and they turn out fine every time. I exchange types of flour, exchange butter for bacon grease (in the recipe) or olive oil, use expired leavening, beat the whites separately or just chunk the eggs in however, and voila–yummo pancakes. What gives?!

  6. P.S. I am serious–lets compare notes until we figure this out! 😉

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