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Unit 2 Beeeeeeep!

Guten tag!

My basic German is progressing as planned, as I listen and speak while driving. Soon I’ll be able to order you a range of drinks, as long as I don’t have to spell them.

Mein freund on the CD has become like the voice of my subconscious. I first thought she was expressionless and robotic, but as I have got used to her clear-as-clear annunciation, any deviation from it cracks me up.

When, in the manner of a Jennifer Saunders sketch, she said, at the end of the “wo ist die bar?” section: “I think you’ll be ready for a drink now,” I nearly sprayed the dashboard with a mouthful of imaginary German “tee, mit milch”.

The other comedy moment is when she revises the German for “hot chocolate” in the style of a weary protagonist of an Enid Blyton novel, whose day of earnest detecting through wind, rain and a shortage of ginger beer has left them soaked to the skin, craving a warm blanket, a real fire and some “heisse schokolate”, pronounced in a whisper of excitement.

Right. Must get on with finding my way around the key landmarks of any German city.


20120211-033442 PM.jpg


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2 thoughts on “Unit 2 Beeeeeeep!

  1. Hooray for you with the German! That is fantastic, good for you. I hope that you reward yourself with some hot chocolate and apple streudel.

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