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Wanna SKIP the queue?

Skips: one of the diamond absolutes

Ever feel like benchmarking your parenting skills?

It seems that Skips are a robust tool for the assessment of good parenting.

If I give my children SKIPS they are appalled by my permissiveness and feel bewildered with a deep-seated lack of “boundaries”.

If I don’t give my children SKIPS I am the meanest mum ever.

So, at least I know where I stand.

Why miniature prawn-scented parachutes should be the only hard currency available I do not know.

But it’s ok.

I have plenty.

Don’t all rush at once. There’s a queue.

20120206-042629 PM.jpg


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5 thoughts on “Wanna SKIP the queue?

  1. All right, I will embarrass myself and ask: what is a skip? I tried to find the answer on Google, but I got about five pages of sites renting those big yellow boxes for when you need to dispose of half a house full of trash.

    At least I recognize that is not the kind of thing that is going to causing a parenting crisis.

    A real Skip must be something much more important.

  2. If those are the shrimp flavored crisps that are tingly on your tongue and are highly addictive than I see how they would be an excellent tool to keep in the parenting toolbag. I love those and they are so hard to find here, I eat them as much as possible every time that I was in France so it has been awhile. They are awesome!

  3. I used to like them; my kids love them. Those orange cheese puff things in the blue bag work just as well.

  4. A-a-ah, BUT: Queue–
    WHAT a WORD for Scrabble! 😉

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