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It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake… Part 2

Once again I manage to make pancakes look how pancakes never looked before.

20120130-103658 PM.jpg

We made it all up, were about to start putting them on the griddle, when my three year old (yes, actually) pointed out that we had missed two ingredients. I decided that it was too late to add them. The mixture looked alright, so away we went:

20120130-103708 PM.jpg

I don’t think a professional pancake maker could get that dual ringed effect if they tried…

The second batch looked ever weirder:

20120130-103715 PM.jpg

I then looked up another recipe and again concluded that there is hope for me yet 🙂

20120130-103721 PM.jpg

It is so frustrating – the inconsistency of it all.

As Princess said in “Sweet Bird of Youth”:

“When monster meets monster, one monster has to give way AND IT WILL NEVER BE ME!”

Pancakes will not be allowed to win this duel in the long term. I still have a few weeks before pancake day, but I don’t think I am up to standard yet. Certainly not for public consumption.

The family are doing their best. Cadbury’s chocolate spread is helping.





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2 thoughts on “It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake… Part 2

  1. I kind of like the patterns, the most important is that they taste good. I have a few things that I call my nemisis, Vietnamese spring rolls, Sainte Honore pastry, I still try after all these years to find the elusive perfect creation of each and I tell myself next time it will work.

  2. When you get really really experienced and feel like branching out, I’ll share with you how to do these things on purpose! HA ! 😀

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