Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Unit 1 Beeeeeeep

I’m onto my second CD of basic German. I listen in the car and chant along after the beep.

My three year old is also making progress, danke.

So far I am well equipped for meeting polite strangers and navigating my way around a hotel foyer.

I am in the middle of “Wo ist die bar?”, learning a range of drinks and drinking vessels.

My favourite word so far is for a lift. I’m not sure on the spelling, but it’s said something like “aufsuk”, like you are being sooked up.

That gave me a lift.

20120129-115531 PM.jpg


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4 thoughts on “Unit 1 Beeeeeeep

  1. That is awesome! Guten Daag? I think. My favorite word is still flugafen, airport. I can’t wait for you to be able to go back to Salzburg and order yourself a delicious apple streudel, that’s be great.

  2. I share this one at every opportunity: my favourite Afrikaans word is ‘doopdiens’, a christening; literally translated as ‘dip service’.

  3. Too much time spent at die bar, I think! 🙂

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