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A Map App, A Big Bag, A Groovy Peruvian and A Smug Mug

How much do I love my map app?

20120128-105531 PM.jpg

I had to go to a mystery location today and decided to go by public transport.

I put my destination postcode into my map app and away I went. It told me what train to get and when, drew a helpful line to the bus station at the other end, informed me as to which bus I should get and it all went like clockwork.


Turns out I was precisely as quick as those who had used the taxi option and at least £10 better off. Victory!

The next triumph of the day was my handbag. I have taken my ENORMOUS one because I suspected I would be handed a cumbersome ring-binder to cart about all day … and I was. So I slickly slotted it into my bag and managed to avoid that whole dropping-a-ring-binder moment.


I did struggle to look slick with the bumfle jacket awkwardly about my person all day in an overheated building – but it was a necessary evil for the public transport thing. Couldn’t be helped.

The third triumph was a bargain hat I picked up on the return journey. OK so maybe it is a little… niche, what with its Peruvian-Scandinavian crossover style, but it was cheap and very me.


With three triumphs in one day I am now Smuggins McSmug and I am finding myself a little wearing.



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4 thoughts on “A Map App, A Big Bag, A Groovy Peruvian and A Smug Mug

  1. It’s nice to see people still use the word groovy. Though I never thought I would see it used to describe a Peruvian. Cheers.

  2. I don’t have any apps that are portable but yours sounds really handy like mapquest on my computer. It is slightly tedious with properly dressing for a long excursion outdoors and then dealing with heated buildings can’t quite get around it but you obviously had a wonderful outing hooray for you!

  3. theotheri on said:

    Oh, what I like is the Smuggins McSmug. I’m tempted to appropriate it for my own smug moments. However, not having a drop of the Micky in my ancestry, I really might not have any right to it at all. What do you think of “Smugski”?

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