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Only the Splendour of Light

The moon was looking like a crisp, silver banana tonight. Orion’s belt was sparkling.

But there were some constellations we couldn’t see – (WhaddooImean… there were gazillions of constellations we couldn’t see!!!)- I mean there were constellations we knew we should be able to see, but couldn’t, from where we were.

Light pollution.

We needed to be somewhere darker.

So, I started building myself a series of metaphors about seeing the light.

First off I didn’t like the fact that I was advising myself to be consumed in darkness to get to see the light.

Then I figured it wasn’t so much that, it was that I shouldn’t bring a metaphorical torch of my own, which, despite being infinitely weaker than the stars, would be so near me, it would blind me to the light I was trying to see.

I liked that better.

It was then that I realised I had wandered (metaphorically) into Seamus Heaney’s poem “Exposure”.

In the poem he goes out to see a comet. He lights a wee fire and then gets focused on that and then misses “the comet’s pulsing rose.”

So, as Heaney steps back from the “meagre heat” and I set down my metaphorical torch and we look up into the metaphorical darkness…

… what will we see?

Meanwhile a lyric from a hymn, where the writer seems dazzled by a kind of light pollution as he considers God, comes to mind:
“Tis only the splendour of light hideth thee.”

Light hiding light.

Nice irony.

Better put out mine.

20120127-110055 PM.jpg


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5 thoughts on “Only the Splendour of Light

  1. That was beautiful about the light hiding the light. You put nice clarity by referencing Heaney and his failed comet sighting, his attention diverted by competing light.

  2. Reminds me of my favourite line from Othello: ‘Put out the light; and then, put out the light…’

  3. Well-done, Sans.
    I get it.
    Love your more obscure works. Really.

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